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Fuel Up for Peak Performance in Wrestling!

Sports nutrition for wrestlers is absolutely critical for weight management and to maintain strength, quickness, endurance, and mental sharpness. “Cutting” is a technique commonly used by student athletes to compete in a specific weight class. More often, this strategy undermines the proper nutrition required for the power and endurance that wrestling requires.

Wrestling Sports Nutrition CoverUnsure of what sports nutrition tips and tricks are legitimate? “Nutrition for the Wrestling Student-Athlete,” created by the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA), lists the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of weight management and cutting. Natural patterns of training can affect the body’s hydration levels, and ultimately, overall weight. It is important to know how the body fluctuates during a training week in order to properly attain the target weight.

Nutrition for the Wrestling Student-Athlete” outlines the keys for successful fueling during all phases of the season, including how to properly fuel for pre-weigh-ins and post-weigh-ins. Wrestlers who follow these proven sports nutrition strategies are more likely to make weight and then perform at an optimal level.

Knowledge gives you the edge over your competition. We recommend looking over Sports Nutrition 101 before reading your Wrestling Sports Nutrition guide.

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Change Your Nutrition and Change Your Game!