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Fuel Up for Peak Performance in Football!

Sports nutrition for football players is important for speed, power, endurance and a tough mentality throughout the entire game. It’s important to preserve muscle mass during all phases of the training season to ensure optimal performance on the field and optimal recovery after the game. Training begins early and should establish healthy nutrition habits before the season begins.

Preseason conditioning camps can pose a challenge for students; these camps typically occur during the hottest time of the year and can prompt dehydration. Eating large meals for maintaining weight and performing endurance activities in the outdoor heat can be a tough combination.

Football Sports Nutrition CoverNutrition for the Football Student-Athlete,” created by the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA), provides strategies for weight management and ideas for energy-packed foods that are easy to eat.

For successful weight management year-round, “Nutrition for the Football Student-Athlete” includes in-season, post-season, and off-season nutrition tips that include meal preparation plans and recovery strategies. Bigger gains don’t mean bigger meals; discover nutritional tips for improving muscle mass, including meal timing, food composition, and nutrient density.

Football players who follow the proven sports nutrition strategies in “Nutrition for the Football Student-Athlete” are more likely to perform at an optimal level and outperform their competition.

Knowledge gives you the edge over your competition. We recommend looking over Sports Nutrition 101 before reading your Football Sports Nutrition guide.

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Change Your Nutrition and Change Your Game!