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Fuel Up for Peak Performance in Basketball!

Sports nutrition for basketball players is critical for meeting the demands of speed, power, agility, endurance, and mental stamina associated with this  high-intensity sport. The body needs to produce a significant amount of energy during each game; managing carbohydrate intake and hydration status can positively impact the player’s agility and mental focus.

Basketball Sports Nutrition CoverMultiple training sessions are common for basketball players. “Nutrition for the Basketball Student-Athlete,” created by the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA), recommends an eating schedule that focuses on frequent meals (no skipping breakfast!) while incorporating recovery foods and adequate fluids for hydration.

Travel basketball teams are constantly on the road during the season. It is not uncommon for teams to dine out or pick up “fast foods” while on the go. Suggestions for dining out are listed in “Nutrition for the Basketball Student-Athlete” and can help decode menu items and lead to healthier meal options.

Healthy habits are formed year-long and should be maintained through all phases of the season. Carbohydrate needs for basketball players in the post-season can vary and are listed based on body weight. Combining protein and carbohydrates in a post-game meal can replenish energy stores and help to prevent the breakdown of lean muscle.

Basketball players who follow the proven sports nutrition strategies in “Nutrition for the Basketball Student-Athlete” are more likely to perform at an optimal level and outperform their competition.

Knowledge gives you the edge over your competition. We recommend looking over Sports Nutrition 101 before reading your Basketball Sports Nutrition guide.

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Change Your Nutrition and Change Your Game!