Sports nutrition for hockey players is important to meet the demands of a sport that requires a mix of upper-body strength, speed, and balance, in addition to sharp focus, quick judgment, and split-second reaction time.

If an athlete wants to excel on the ice, then they need to make sure that they are putting in the work off the ice. NHL players have strict nutritional regimens that they follow to make sure they are playing at full strength. These players need to keep their energy up to avoid body fatigue. Fatigue leads to more time your opponent has the puck in your zone.

Keep the puck out of your own zone with this nutrition guide. It was created with input from NHL trainers and staff and features a game day meal plan for hockey players. It is sure to keep players going strong from puck drop to the final horn.

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Hockey Nutrition Recommendations from Pro Stock Hockey, an online resource for pro
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Change Your Nutrition and Change Your Game!