With all the possible foods an athlete can eat – before, during and after sports activity – it’s challenging to make good choices. Being prepared is critical, as we all know that sporting events offer food that spectators love…but are not ideal for sports participants.

We’ve found that parents are constantly seeking information and ideas on how to better fuel their young athletes for peak performance.

To help young athletes optimize energy levels before activity and during all-day events, our Board Certified Sports Dietitian, Tracy Owens, recommends having a properly stocked “energy bag” available at all times.

What’s an “energy bag”?

An energy bag is a container of nutrient-rich energy foods an athlete has available at all times to properly fuel up for peak performance. 

A properly stocked energy bag: 

  • Prevents eating the wrong foods before practice and games
  • Puts energy-packed foods at your fingertips
  • Promotes eating nutrient-dense foods for both energy and recovery
  • Makes it easier to sustain energy during all-day events
  • Provides a simple way to eat the right food at the right time

Not only will this keep you out of the vending machine or concessions stand, it will save time and money. You’ll have the different food groups covered throughout your day and be encouraged to snack on “what’s in the bag” rather than overeat.

If your entire team gets on board, the energy bag concept will:

  • Put all team members on the same page with what is required to fuel up for optimal performance
  • Give you and your team the competitive edge!
See which foods to include in your energy bag

Tracy Owens

About Tracy Owens

Tracy Owens (MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN) is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). She has worked in private practice, providing clinical and sports nutrition for over 20 years. Her two sons and two daughters have played AAU baseball, USSSA baseball, Legion baseball, Challenge, United, Premier, Elite and ECNL soccer at Capital Area Soccer League (CASL), USTA tennis, summer swim teams, and high school football, swimming, baseball and soccer. Two of her children played Division 1 soccer at North Carolina State University.

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