How to Build Lean Muscle for Increased Strength and Speed

Image of trainer in weight room

As a sports dietitian, I have worked with countless student athletes who are looking to build lean muscle for increased strength, speed, and overall performance.  I commonly hear from young athletes that they lift weights and eat a lot of protein but are not seeing their desired results. Lifting weights and eating enough protein are […]

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Muscle Cramps: Theories, Remedies, Decreasing Your Risk

Trainer Stretches Athlete with Muscle Cramp

Muscle cramps, those unpredictable spasms, can be very frustrating and perplexing. If you ever go through periods of cramping when you play or practice, you know from experience that they can stop you in your tracks. Exercise physiologists have attempted to study muscle cramps, however, cramps are difficult to study because it is hard to initiate […]

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Got Chocolate Milk?

Image of brown cow for chocolate milk

AFTER A HARD WORKOUT OR COMPETITION, HEAD STRAIGHT FOR THE SHOWER, RIGHT? NOT SO FAST… A shower and rest are not the only things your body needs after activity. Your body needs you to provide it with the proper nutrients to refuel and repair. If you give your body what it needs, it will reward you with […]

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