Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe and accurate youth sports nutrition education that empowers young athletes to reach their full potential in athletics, academics, and in life.

Why We Pursued Youth Sports Nutrition

NextGear Nutrition was founded in 2015 by Jim West of Graham, NC. Like many businesses, necessity was the mother of invention.

Early in his daughter’s club volleyball career, West noticed that players’ energy stores were nearly depleted as they reached the final stages of tournaments. He determined that a common deciding factor in winning a tournament was often how well a team was prepared for the long haul.

West observed that once his daughter’s team changed their eating and hydration habits, the girls performed better and gained a competitive edge over teams not following sound sports nutrition guidelines – and they won more matches. When they lost, it was due to being outplayed – not because they ran out of energy and gave the other team the competitive advantage before they even stepped onto the court.

How Our Idea Evolved

Finding a resource for accurate and reliable youth sports nutrition information that helps young athletes achieve peak performance was not easy. Few companies had a focus on youth athletes. So we decided to become that resource!

In order to provide the most accurate and extensive youth sports nutrition guidance, we searched for a highly accredited sports dietitian who shared our vision of helping young athletes improve their eating and hydration habits – both on and off the playing field/court.

Enter Tracy Owens, a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) who is the sports dietitian for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and numerous youth sports teams.

Owens carefully scrutinizes all educational information and product recommendations provided by NextGear Nutrition. Most of our nutrition information comes from her 25+ years of experience providing group and individual nutrition counseling. Together with West – a former AFAA certified personal trainer and parent of a competitive athlete – NextGear Nutrition addresses the need to provide educational information and product recommendations geared towards enhancing performance for student athletes.

What We Can Offer You

NextGear Nutrition dispels myths and makes it easy to understand the science behind making smart food choices. Our science-based, youth sports information helps coaches, parents, and young athletes build a foundation where eating and drinking for optimal performance becomes a part of everyday life.

Our desire is to become the leading authority in youth-focused sports nutrition. Without a doubt, if young athletes adhere to our youth sports nutrition guidelines, they will make healthier choices when seeking to enhance their sports performance. As a result, they will not only gain the competitive edge in sports – but also in life.

Change Your Nutrition and Change Your Game!